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Our Programs and Educational Philosophy


 With true dedication and the overwhelming support from a team of caring, professional staff and caregivers makes Creative Child, Inc. the special childcare and Pre-School center it is today! We opened our doors for business in September of 2006. Our infants, toddlers, and Pre-school children thrive in program enriched curriculum(s), classroom space(s), and spacious, sprawling outdoor landscapes. Creative Child, Inc. has been assessed and rated using both the ITERS (Infant/toddler environment rating schedule) and ECERS (Early childhood education rating schedule) tools. Creative Child, Inc. received a rating for being a 4 star child care center in March of 2019. Creative Child, Inc. has been one of the first participating center based program's in Bright Stars, since 2009.

Pre-School/ Pre-K

     Preschool at Creative Child, Inc. is also split into two separate age groups. The age groups are Preschool 3 and Pre-school 4. In the Pre-school setting(s) there are different sets of milestones that are met and attained through materials such as markers, pencils, crayons, and scissors. Self help skills are still being fostered and maintained such as knowing how to use the restroom, putting on one's jacket, changing one's own clothing, opening containers, etc. The pre-school children also use experiences in their day to, exercise indoor & outdoor, using logic and spatial strategies , and working on emergent letter and number recognition as well as IDing, and printing letters in their own names. The children also engage in activities to support their social and developmental needs through interest areas and free play areas inside of the classroom and outdoors. The children spend a vast amount of time outdoors in our spacious playground

( see photos in the CLASSROOM section).


     Our Pre-school 4 and Pre-K program offers the same goals as Pre-school 3 while also preparing the children for their journey into Kindergarten! The reinforcement of letter and number recognition is taught using various learning approaches through our curriculum and is practiced daily inside of the classroom ( See curriculum in CLASSROOMS section). Self-esteem, social skills, good hygiene, friendship, and much more is taught to these fast learners with lots of positive reinforcement and praise! Seasonal field trips are also planned throughout the year for this age group (pandemic pending). At the end of the school year, we have a festive graduation for the children moving onto kindergarten!

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